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Looking for Chiropractors? Border Health Profile Clinic is conveniently located in ALBURY and within reach of Sydney,

Canberra and Melbourne.

The chiropractors at Border Health Profile provide advanced, skilled manual therapy to help relieve painJana Kyte and Wayne Haynes 1 and restore function. We formulate and apply physical therapies based on client’s presentation and history to provide personalized treatment. Border Health Profile Clinic is manned by Dr. Wayne Haynes and his partner Dr. Jana Kyte.

We are highly proficient as well as experienced in working with clients with acute, sub-acute, chronic or recurrent pain presentations. We perform physical diagnostics, physical therapy, rehabilitation and specialized treatment for various bodily conditions such as; back problems, repetitive strain injuries, sports injuries and physical disability brought by medical conditions.

At Border Health Profile, we pride ourselves by providing only high-quality client-focused care that is reflected by our high success rate. We do this by allocating ample time for consultation (minimum twenty minutes to one hour per session), performing advanced trends in manual therapy and engaging in continuous professional learning to keep updated with latest trends and best practices.

Meet the practitioners:

Wayne Haynes DC, DO Sydney

  • Published extensively on musculo-skeletal and rehabilitation subjects. See publications below
  • Currently enrolled in a PhD scholarship program in Canberra University
  • Former research and program development consultant at Blue Earth Institute from 2005-2008
  • Served as consultant in the LooK Research Project from 2005-2009
  • Published various journals presented in several national conferences (see below)
  • Research interests include; mechanisms of postural stability and spatial perception from birth to childhood, physical activity styles and cognitive development of children, and development of a specialized physical therapy approach combining physical activity with hands-on therapy
  • Served as special therapist to sports teams and famous national athletes

Jana Kyte  B Chiro SC/B APP SC

  • Completed several advanced rehabilitation programs involving exercise, childhood and pregnancy care
  • Expert in cranial care, bodywork, manipulation and exercise rehabilitation
  • Currently studying speech pathology at Charles Sturt University
  • She envisages combining the emerging relationship between physical therapy, physical activity, and cognition in the treatment of children.

Border Health Profile Chiropractic practitioners have provided physical therapy and rehabilitation to top sports stars and clubs. Dr. Haynes and his team have travelled to Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and New York just to work with these players.

Some of our satisfied clients include:

  • Elite members of the Geelong Football Club, including Garry Ablett (Brownlow medallist), Tom Harley, Matthew Scarlett, Paul Chapman, and former members
  • International golf stars Adam Scott and Geoff Ogilvy
  • International tennis star Ana Ivanovic, former Number 1 World’s Tennis Association (WTA) Champion (June 2008)
  • International cyclist, Tour de France winner Cadel Evans
  • Captain of Carlton football club Chis Judd (Brownlown medallist)

Our primary goal in every treatment is simple – to restore pain free function as soon as possible. Clients are also taught self-care methods plus preventive measures to achieve functional restoration and independence.

We do not promote treatments based on marketing, spiritual entrepreneurship and invalid scientifically unsupportable constructs. We do not provide ‘revolving-door’ therapy. Border Health Profile only adheres to scientific principles and rational actions in chiropractic therapies

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