Our Mission

Providing Evidence-Based Chiropractic Therapy

Border Health Profile aims to provide high-quality chiropractic and physical therapy solutions to restore normal function and treat pain fast. We are in business to provide chiropractic therapy that is based on scientific evidence-based methodologies. We endeavour to treat clients individually based on their presentations and provide the highest standard of care as possible, using methods based on sound physical therapy principles. Border Health Profile aims to bring relief to clients suffering from impaired body function and consequently various degrees of physical pain.

We aim to provide quality care to a wide range of people of all ages including children and infants, pregnancy, the elderly and sports clients.


Relief to pain sufferers and enhance recovery

Border Health Profile will provide evidence-based chiropractic therapy to relieve pain, whether acute, chronic or recurrent. We also aim to enhance therapeutic progression, restore impaired bodily function and speed up work readiness of the client.


To Be the Best Chiropractor Provider

Border Health Profile aims to deliver advanced skilled chiropractic therapy to clients to treat musculo-skeletal pain and disability. We aim to be the best chiropractic service provider in Albury as well as nearby cities.

Border Health Profile define best services as applying proven physical therapy and chiropractic therapies, giving personalized treatment according to client’s history and presentation, plus giving client satisfaction to the given treatment.